"The dialogue between the new and old world": International confernce in Porto
The City of Porto, together with the member cities of Great Wine Capitals Global Network (GWC), is planning...
New Wine: 17 millions of bottles per year are produced. Commercialized in November, it can be tasted for two or three months.26/1/2007
If there is a wine in Italy bound to the season more than the others, this is the New Wine. The date of introduction on the market is fixed by the law on November the 6th, and the ideal period to consume it, limited to two – three months, make it the autumn wine par excellence. Almost completely based on the booking of the clients, in the last three years it has been registered a production between 15 and 17 millions of bottles. In 2006 the 331 producer companies has put on sale 15.613.000 bottles, with a decrease of 1.3% with respect to 2005. On the whole, 117.103 hl have been destined to the cellars of the new wine, for a estimated turn over of 72.893.000 euros.

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